Are you sleepwalking into a dystopian future?

This looks and sounds like hell to me…

Luckily, for me anyway, I will shake off this mortal
coil before Big Brother has got me by the balls. :taped:

Of course, my vision of hell may appear as an
idyllic paradise to others. :rofl:

Comments on a postcard to this address


As the video makes clear - almost all of this technology already exists and is in use.

The building i’m in adjusts its environment settings to the number of people in it - though it doesn’t adjust on a per-individual preference basis, it shuts off lights in areas not being used, turns them on when people enter, and adjusts according to the amount of ambient light in the space from the windows.

The technology exists; adoption is faster than you expect. Don’t be so quick to assume you’re shuffling off before it gets here. Just be concerned about who’s pulling the strings.

(This video’s from 8 years ago.)

(A fictionalized account of “What happens when it goes wrong.”)

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This guy believes he knows who is pulling them…

As for shuffling off this mortal coil, I have to presume
that I am well into my final decade for a UK male. :winky:

At present, I have avoided all smart (sic) technology
and social (sic) sites like the plague. :shifty:

I am, unfortunately,unable to fully escape CCTV, so
I really hope that the grim reaper will gently carry me
off before Big Brother and his gang do. :biggrin:


Looked like good presentations, unfortunately these people have no clue about sound engineering, and I couldn’t make out much of what they said… :frowning:

This is scary:

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Yeah, Tom Scott’s a great presenter, but the recordings i dont think were necessarily the ‘official’ recordings (if there even were official recordings) of what amounts to conventions/talks. He’s done quite a few of them with more production quality though, like Welcome to Life (What happens when Lawyers get involved in the digitization of life) and Oversight (What happens when cybersecurity becomes Orwellian crowd sourced.)

Or perhaps more associated to the topic at hand:
2030: Privacy’s Dead. What happens next?

(Another talk, but given from the perspective as if he were talking to a group in 2030, given the technology acceleration path from 1999-2014.)

Part of the problem is that people in the UK need to learn to speak better English! :wink:


But 100% true, John. Ties back into the “I know what you did five minutes ago” thing; that wasn’t even anything nefarious, it was simply scanning facebook and social media. People put a lot of their lives out on social media that can really be used against them without any real effort.

The bank card stuff is actually probably treading on the lines of fraud or cybercrime.

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