Are you integrating with Facebook's Open Graph?

Last October Facebook announced the open graph and debuted integrations with Spotify, Pinterest, Footspotting and others shortly there after. If you’re anything like me you got really, really excited at the options.

Well it’s been a few months [ok, several months] and Facebook is now reviewing apps from “regular” partners which has a flood of activity.

The great thing about apps is their ability to connect with people who are interested in your business on an ongoing basis whether it’s showing when they write a review, upload a video, favorite an item, or whatever.

Of course this is a great way to get seen by your user’s friends but more than that it’s a great way to get that constant interaction going by developing things that provide value to your audience.

We’re live with two integrations now and thinking of what comes next, what’s really meaningful to our users. What about you, have you looked into it for your website / business / clients?