Are you happy with vBulletin?

I’ve submitted some pre-sales tickets (and not forum posts) to vBulletin and they treated me as a s_hit! Now I became affraid of vb support even after purchase. So I decided to get reference from vb happy or unhappy clients for vb support excellency before I buy. If you are a happy or unhappy vb user, please post your comment here.

IMPORTANT: Any attempt for official vb staff answering me here as a happy client for support excellency, does not help anything. So don’t try to trick! :slight_smile:

I do not administrate forums, but I visit a lot of forums which are using Vbulatin forum software. And that is awesome. I like such forums. For me as for user that is the best forum software.
I guess that is easy to manage as well.

I mean to ask about vb support for their clients. not just forums users like you and myself.

As far as I know they have own support forums where everything related is being discussed, and you may get in touch with few customers there.

I have never contacted Vbulletin before but wow I wouldn’t have expected this from such a popular company.


Well, this forum uses vB, and I like the software enough.

I’ve also read lots of great information about server optimization in the official vB support forums, so it seems like the people answering questions there know what they’re talking about.


As Dan has said, SitePoint uses vBulletin but there is a staff in Melbourne which is capable of modifying vBulletin to meet SitePoint requirements. It is this MODIFIED vBulletin which you are using now!

Your original post suggested a problem with SitePoint’s use of vBulletin. PLEASE, if you have a problem with vBulletin’s support of their product, make that clear (as you did in post #3)! My recommendation would be to take that to vBulletin’s forum, not others who are using vBulletin.



I own two vbulletin licenses and am very happy with the program and the customer support. Highly recommended.


And is there any reason why should I buy vb since MyBB is free? I mean which useful features vb has that MyBB does not have? (I am talking about vb only forum, not CMS and blog.)

vbulletin is the best for me so far…very good forum especially against hakatak

That should be a question that only you can answer because you know which requirements are important for you/your clients.

I’ve used vBulletin for almost a decade and never had problems. However, it’s not so much the quality of the software than the popularity and features that made me choose vBulletin over others. I had used others, by the way like SMF’s predecessor (YaBB - anyone remember that one?) and phpBB.

If I were to look for feature-rich forum software to use today, I’d look into vBulletin (haven’t tried the new version), phpBB as well as IPB. Otherwise I’d use something like Vanilla or punBB, both extreme light-weight forum applications written in PHP.

In other words, if MyBB does everything you need, I’d give it a try.

I’m not too pleased with the latest version, but hopefully in time they will improve it. But for the 3 branch, I have it on two sites, and think it is great.

Unfortunately, I have to agree vb support sucks and they don’t know their own script… imo they have nothing in common with the origin script coders who probably don’t work on it anymore. When I asked them a simple question first they wanted to make sure I’m registered for paid support then they just told me they don’t support any interference in a code and can they can only help with understanding of script options… they rebuff me to where nobody answered my question at all… and the thing was not so complicated and I figured it out after one day it was all about removing two lines of the code… But still vB 3.8 is the best forum script.

I’m using vBulletin all the time from three years ago. I like it and it is easy to install and manage.

I’m using phpbb and it is fine.