Are you happy with support?

I purchased a link directory script from 2 days ago.

I am not happy with their support,
it seems they wanted to sale their hosting service, installation service and charge for after sales support.

They do not have any customer support or any other way so you can share your problems, they provide support through a general forum they called it Private message to staff.

When you submit your problem they reply after one or two hours or more hours they can take…even after taking too much time they just write 2 or 3 lines that says its your mistake everything okay with their script.

I want to know how is your experience with

My answer is, I am not happy with support.

I have never heard of them sorry. I like the product it looks pretty neat

We used their solution a while ago for some projects. The solution is rather good but we didn’t need to contact their support… Which is probably a good thing!

And was it your mistake?

I believe that PHPLD is run by one of the members here: dvduval.

I do not know who is behind this, But still I am requesting for support, but might be they do not have time. I think I made a big mistake, now I am wasting my time also.

Not sure exactly what happened at this point but I just spotted this post. You are welcome to PM me here if you having trouble communicating. You are also welcome to post on the phpLD forum (and let me know the thread, and I will make sure you get help). We work 7 DAYS PER WEEK on the forum, and check posts several times throughout the day. I’m sure whatever the problem we can help (or possibly you have already received help by now), but regardless, we are here if you need us, and again we have been working the forum 7 days per week since 2005 including holidays like Christmas. :slight_smile: