Are you contented in your Body?

are you contented in your Body? do you want to loss weight? or gain weight?

i am not contented in my body, i wish to leave it completely

My <body> is fantastic, it needs to shed a few div’s but that’ll come with time :smiley:

I am but maybe 2 more inches in height would be perfect.

yeah, me too, i could also use 2 more inches

Yea, mine could do with a div workout too Alex :wink:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Rudy! You crack me up!

I’m happy with my body but apparently I need to “get a chest” which I agree with! We’ll see how different I am in the summer though! But what about you williamGriffin? Are you happy and content in your body?

Andrew Cooper

I’ve never loved my body. I’ve spent more hours than any human should working out in an attempt to make it into something that I like.

I’ve learned to accept it for what it is and that’s as good as I can do.

Actually Sarah, an easier option is to surround yourself with ugly friends (like me), then you’ll suddenly become the most beautiful creature in the room! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely lose weight I’m kinda fat now. :slight_smile:

I like it, it takes my abuse and keeps coming back for more. I wonder though, if it likes me much after all that.

Alex, I wish it were that easy. The issue is a bit more complicated. There is nothing at all wrong with my body. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s all in my head…

Personally I would be happier if I were in Hawk’s body

(please don’t ban me lol)

Umm, I feel just fine in my body. I am getting older now (soon 65), so it is interesting to see how I change. But the bone structure of course is the same, I am tall and my weight is not skinny nor fat. Frankly, I do not pay that much attention to it, I live in my mind really :slight_smile: and enjoy my life without counting calories.

:rofl: I’ll make an exception due to the exceptional entertainment value of the post.

I am happy with my body although some people may not… but I always say, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to look at me… The solution is so simple :smiley:

I like my body now. Let it go for a few years (life!). Recently I’ve been busting my ass and now it’s back to it’s glory days. I’m currently trying to publish a book I wrote on weight loss. Probably won’t cause I’m a nobody void of an MD or PHD- cause MD’s are usually really buff - lol. But I’ll assume most here in this forum would just like to simply tone up and ad some solid muscle - huh? So I’ll give you a real simple tip! Basically, there are three things that make up your muscle - tissue, water, and blood. 70% of your muscle is made up of water. So it’s real easy to get bigger muscles. And with bigger muscles comes a faster metabolizim which equals a toner body.

So, you simply need to train your muscles to hold more water and more blood. By doing so they will quickly get bigger, therefore stronger, therefore even bigger. How? Aside from training, two ways! One, Creatine! Creatine literally turns your muscles into spunges. Drink tons of water and your muscles will grow. Two, L-arginine! When you work out your body releases l-arginine into your blood which dialates your blood vesals which fills your muscles full of blood which makes then big and gives you the pump. If you take L-arginine (Nitrix) then you have the pump all day long. It’s that simple!

I need to lose weight. I wanna be more sexier. :slight_smile:

You are blessed enough to have this Age. You are almost done at the Life expectancy on a human.

I guess I’m happy with it, I don’t think much about it, as there are other things in life i find more interesting.

I eat everything, i never go to the gym, if i move, it’s because there is some experience related to it, or i am working. I don’t smoke anymore, but i drink alcohol. i also eat tons of snacks like, chips, ice cream and chocolate, drinks liters of strong coffee each day, and never cook like those health freaks preaches about. I eat mostly meat and seldom any fish, i also spend a lot of time laying on the couch or sitting in front of my puter and still… still, i can say that I’m happy with it.

I know people who can’t eat this or that, and feels that they need to exercise x times a week (and even more if they ate something more than an apple for lunch), and even preaches about how others should live their life, and i hope i never get that scared of living.

I am enjoying my life here, and why shouldn’t i ? why would i live in fear in a prison, when i can enjoy my freedom?
Why would i walk past the flowers, rather than stop by to smell them and admire them?

Maybe in your country but around here she has another 15 years or so just to die at an average death age.