Are You Attending PubCon?

I am signed up for PubCon Vegas 2010, and am very excited. This will be my first industry conference, and also my first time visiting Las Vegas. :smiley: :Partier: :Partier:

I’m not sure if SitePoint is planning to have any official representation there, but if not, I would love to have an unofficial “SitePoint Meetup” sometime during the week of the conference for all of us that will be attending.

Who else is going to PubCon Vegas this year? Are any SitePoint community members going to be speaking at the conference?

I am unable to go. Have a great time though!

PubCon is less than a month away. Anyone else attending?

Can any body tell me What is PubCon. I have no idea about it.

Matt’s session should be good. I am also really looking forward to Matt Cutt’s session.

Not planning to attend PubCon.
However, I would like to make it to the next Big Smoke cigar convention in Vegas. :slight_smile:

> SitePoint community members going to be speaking

The fearless leader here Matt Mickiewicz, is going to be on a panel. :cool:

Really looking forward to it.


I’ll be there - First international search conference I have been to (traveling all the way from Melbourne) - i’ve been to many others, but this is meant to one of the better ones (in one of the better places to have a conference)…

Thanks to explane me about PubCon.

It’s an SEO/SEM/Webmaster/Online professional conference that takes place yearly, and is put on by Webmaster World. They have 8 tracks of content going on at the same time, which means there is something for everyone.

The official website has lots more info.

I’m afraid I won’t be there. What a pity! To be frank I really like this kind of meeting in which people from different places can share what they know with each other. It can really bring fresh air to our dull routine life. Well, though I can not be there, still wish you will enjoy yourselves.

Are you going to be joining us in Vegas this year?