Are you addicted to your site statistics?

Hi to all,

Guys am I just the only one who is addicted to they website statistics? I mean I check for the site visitors every 30 minutes. Is that normal? :slight_smile: I am thinking that I need to switch woopra for some time to take a rest from my website statistics :slight_smile: how about you?

I don’t check my stats every 30 mins. I only do this after the before and after my SEO work. I spend my time on promoting and link building my site and studying and updating my self in seo news.

sometimes more often than that, and the adsense stats lol. I have it all available on my iphone so can check wherever I go. So yeah, addicted!!

Hey you mentioned about iPhone. What about blackberry is any google analytics for blackberry or like woopra (to watch live visitors) :slight_smile: Someone?

haha. at the same point myself, will be worse when I actually start seeing some traffic. backlinking atm

@annescoffield you are gorgeous :slight_smile: when I will be able to post my avatar :slight_smile: so that would fall in love with me :smiley: :smiley:

to some extent…but may be only once per day …to see if there are any new things

You are not the only one, that is for sure.

I used to do this, but now I just check the $ column at the merchant once a day.


Well I am checking my rankings every half an hour :slight_smile: but through woopra in the evening I am going to analytics.
That is great Bompa that you already can check $ column :slight_smile: I want the same :slight_smile: but for now I need to work all over to get started with $ column. Maybe can somebody have advice how to increase the traffic for my free web hosting service…? All help would be appreciate!

Yes, but at the end of the day there are only 2 stats that mean anything…

  1. Traffic
  2. Backlinks

:slight_smile: that is correct! :slight_smile:

You have serious issues!!! :smiley: I only check my stats once a day. I try to organize myself accordingly and if I am taking time out every 30 minutes to check my stats I find it counterproductive. I think analyzing the stats once a day is sufficient. Now, if I am starting a new campaign I might check it in the morning and then in the evenings.

I don’t think it is necessary to chek the stats every 30 minutes. I usually chec the traffic everyday with GA.