Are You A Party Animal?

Well I myself am certainly not a party animal! I don’t get particularly excited about family parties or going out to clubs in the town. A relaxing “night out” or should I say night in for me is sitting at my desk with some snacks (preferably a big bag of Tangy Cheese Doritos) and a bottle of wine (White or Rosé wine) or a bottle of Coca-Cola (classic Coca-Cola and nothing else!).

And the same goes for any other celebrations including my birthday. I’ve always been bugged by my parents to have a birthday party for my 13th, 16th and 18th and now I’m getting bugged to have one for my 21st (although it’s a few years away yet!) but I’d prefer to sit in enjoying my presents (usually books! :D) or having a meal with the family. It’s not the loud banging music - I love that. It isn’t any specific reason in particular really, just a personal preference that I really prefer to not party. I’d be happy to party and have a blast with everyone but I’d just prefer not to.

What about you guys and girls? Are you a party animal or do you enjoy a night in at your desk chillaxing on the SP Forums ;)?

Andrew Cooper

Well you look at that, how many anti-social people we have here. Ironically, it’s forums - one of the more social places on the Internet :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not a lie; I’ve been to one party in my entire life. I was 18 (I think) and I couldn’t stand the people, the crowd, the smell, the superficiality, just everything. I left early.

I’m as anti-social as you can get.

It’s all about the party for me. Always has been.

I’m not a party animal either, the whole scene just doesn’t suit my personality.

I prefer hanging out with friends or being at the computer. Probably explains why I’m single :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely not. Maybe because I’m not that good in dancing.

Haha, me too. Didn’t hate it but didn’t like it much either.

I’m anti-social too, so all these social activities appeal to me as much as sprint running appeals to fish.

Yep, another loner here. My husband is the same, so we are not alone in our lonerdom :smiley:

Parties leave me questioning why I went, I can not stand small talk. I rather say nothing.

I am anti-social too… although sometimes I do find myself enjoying a party that I’ve been forced to go :smiley:

I’m stunned. It looks like I’m completely the odd one out!

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m not a partier but a “limer”.

I prefer small groups, just hanging out with friends, playing cards, shooting pool, that kind of thing.

I really like concerts though. Doesn’t matter what style of music, once there are people playing their own instruments, I like watching.


I’m not an anti-social person, I just do not used to drink, dance and smoke at these parties. Maybe I can attend at formal parties.

I’m not stunned, most of us are geeks and let’s face it, geeks are naturally antisocial :stuck_out_tongue:

You wild thing Sarah :wink:

Well for one the only anti-social definition I can find around on the Web is that of someone who is definately not us. And I still think when we say anti-social in the not socialising way that we’re using the term wrongly.

I don’t think us geeks are anti-social at all. I believe that we just don’t like talking to certain types of people and doing certain things. We don’t like interacting with certain types of people. But when it comes to people with similar interests and people within the Web industry we’re all very social people. If we’re talking about being anti-social as in not talking to people who aren’t like us then yea, we’re definately anti-social. But if that’s the case then I’m fine with being anti-social :slight_smile: - I don’t want to interact with someone who can’t hold up a conversation because they decided to bunk off going to school and stay at home smoking and drinking or playing on games.

I’ll more than happily talk to any of you guys and girls though, over the Internet and face-to-face. I’m a very talkative person to anyone who’ll listen and anyone who is worth listening to. I think the right word for us would be not very outgoing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Andrew Cooper

Well… I played in a band at parties and other events. I love the nightlife.

A couple of my friends and I used to actually crash parties. We once crashed a birthday party at some club and had a chat with the birthday boy - without a clue who he was.

Party Animal…Nope not me. But party goer yeah maybe depending on the group of people I’m with.

Most of the time with parties you meet a bunch of people you don’t really know and frankly aren’t interested in knowing.
Unfortunatly these people want to talk to you so they try to enage you in pointless empty small talk.
And you know they are only going to get worse after a few beers.

I like small group meeting a some one place have a BBQ and discuss everything from what hair colour are you going to do next to to effect of arc voltage on fume developement in MIG with argon /co2 gas mixtures.

Well you get my point

Serious party animal!! Ha

I like going out to a bar, or play pool with friends.

I don’t do clubbing, I don’t really see the need, unless I would want to attract a prospective mate. But then, would I want to meet those in a club? Hmmm…

I guess I like easygoing parties with plentiful conversations. So that means the music not so loud as to make that impossible :wink:



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