Are we heading towards Chrome engine hegemony?

I don’t know if I’m right but to me the current browser usage trends suggest that within a few years we will be left only with the chromium engine and perhaps Safari webkit as the only second engine. Firefox is constantly declining and more and more devs don’t even test web pages in anything but Chrome, which propels the vicious circle of people abandoning Firefox due to incompatible pages. Edge will soon be converted to Chromium and thus another engine will die. People will no longer have a choice in the browser engine - either you have Safari WebKit on Apple devices or a chromium-based browser on other systems.

What do you think the trend will be? Do you think fewer engines is better?

Personally, I like the Gecko engine much better than chromium but unfortunately now there is no good browser based on it since Firefox has been dumbed-down too much for me. In the past I enjoyed the Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey browsers - when they were based on the popular then gecko engine they offered some nice features and worked very well. Now SeaMonkey has lost any support from Mozilla and can’t keep up with staying up to date. I’m using Vivaldi now, which is really great in terms of features but unfortunately the Chrome/Chromium base is felt too much to my liking.

I think it’s a double edged sword. One the one hand for developers it will be easier to implement websites because you don’t have know all quirks of an array of different render engines, which makes front end work more predictable and less error prone.

At the same time any company or product that has a majority of market share has a risk of becoming complecent because they have nothing to prove to anyone anymore, thus stalling the evolution of the web as a whole in this case.

I don’t think we’re there yet, and seeing that the market share of Edge is about 4% I don’t think Edge switching to Chromium is as big an event as people make it out to be.

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Firefox has always been my favourite search engine but chrome certainly has undergone a lot of improvements. I think firefox will continue to have market share despite the chrome advancements because of users like us who are used to its feel. This reply is typed in through firefox.

Firefox is a search engine???


I think a big factor in this shift is the rise of mobile devices along with the shift in demographics of web users.
There was a time when computers and the internet primarily just for geeks and nerds. Now things like phones and tablets are “must have” consumer products for everyone.
I think probably the less technically able/educated user is more likeley to just use the default supplied browser than know about and install one they think better (the reason anyone ever used IE).
So now with the larger slice of web traffic coming from tablets and phones, if you have an iPhone/iPad it’s Safari, if you are on Android it’s Chrome or you are a minority user with something else.

I don’t think I will mourn the loss of MS’s own browser technology along with all its quirks. But not too overjoyed with the prospect of a Chrome monopoly.
I’m still using FF as my primary browser BTW, I thnk out of habbit.

To me it is not a big event in itself now but rather a symbol of a larger change happening in the world of browsers. It shows that even a company as big as MS cannot afford to support their own browser engine - or maybe does not think it’s worth it. It shows that MS has given up on their browser at least partially. However, in this case this could have been caused by MS’s misguided efforts - this is a company that every couple of years comes up with a weird idea about something and starts implementing it even if no one likes it. Then they drop it and start going in a different direction. With all their efforts so far they now could have a very good competing browser but someone there invented the ‘brilliant’ idea of a desktop browser in a mobile phone technology (UWP) and no wonder no one wants to use it.

Why? Apart from iOS you can have browsers with different rendering engines. I think Firefox is the only mobile browser with their own engine, others embed Chromium - correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes, but how many users install one instead of just using the preintalled browser?
Asking around here, maybe quite a few.
But what about the wider non-dev public?

Some Firefox forks continue evolving the rendering engine on their own, like Palemoon with the now named Goanna and also the Javascript engine iirc.

I guess the Chromium forks could do the same.

Yes but the same thing is on the desktop. Or do you mean that mobile users are less likely to install a different browser than desktop users?

I doubt that mobile users actually know
what the term “browser” means. :rofl:



Which is now a minority.

I mean the type of people who are internet users now may be less likely, and most of those are on mobile.
As in non-dev, non-tech consumers who are only interested in buying stuff and gossiping/showing off on social media and such like who posssibly don’t even understand what a browser is.
There are more such people using the internet now than there used to be.


I hope these changes are because increased mobile users. In most of the mobile devices we will not find the Firefox browser to browse on internet, default will be always Chrome. So it is taking domination over Firefox. But always my favorite browser is Firefox.

I’ve always used FF for work and quite often chrome on my home laptop for personal.

I’m not sure why i think this but to me FF seems more configurable than chrome. Might not be true to thats how it feels to me. I find it easier to use ‘inspect element’ on FF as well and also things like ‘page info’ to find the media from a webpage.

The trouble i find with FF though is that if i leave it running and the computer just goes to sleep and wakes up it starts eating up memory and slowing everything down to the point i have to close FF to reset it.

Recently as well FF on my home laptop won’t talk to the internet after waking up and i have to restart it. Chrome doesn’t have this problem. It might just be some MS update that has caused it on my laptop but either way it’s annoying and pushes me towards Chrome.

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