Are Warrior Forum WSOes worth trying?

Hi Guys.
I joined WF a few months ago. Now they have started sending me IM products email which mostly say
EARN 5k per month or so.
I need your frank opinions whether I should try those products ?
Many thanks.

No, of course you should not try these offers. It is blatantly obvious that they are get-rich-quick schemes, which in practice means just the opposite. Any scheme that promises large amounts of money for virtually no effort is likely to be too good to be true.


WF is one good forum if you know how to advertise your add there. Recently Freelance bought it with 3.2 million from the owner. Probably they saw the potential. What is lit bit not in the advantage of the seller is that you have to pay each time your add/selling page goes on second page. They actually force you to do that. I have two threads there and I paid twice to get them back on first page. I think that a thread has to be successful right after you posted not after 1 month, so think and twist your landing page good before your post it there. There are good chances to make a lot of cash !

Alternatively, try a Google search for “Warrior Forum scams”.


Honestly I was not aware that people consider WF such a negative and spam place. After all Google updated probably many communities will go down because of what once was called Internet Marketing. All strategies have changed and because of that 80% of the old players update hard to the new policies and I guess that’s one way scams grew so much lately.

They are not obviously worth it. I mean a lot of WF members should be rich by now. Only those who are selling WSOes are the ones who are making money.

Mike, I understand now.
But as discussed in other thread, finding the Genuine internet marketers is my concern.
Is WF a only place where all those guys are present ?
I don’t want to get into IM :slight_smile: , but I do want help from authentic and genuine IM guys to help me in promoting my WordPress Premium themes and plugins.
Please throw some light on this as well !
Thanks alot !!

You need someone who will have a genuine interest in helping your marketing, not someone involved in a get-rich-quick scheme. I don’t know how you find the right person, other than asking friends and colleagues for a personal recommendation. It would help if you are clear in your own mind exactly what you want that person to do.


I want people who have lists of the guys who buy WordPress premium themes/plugins.
These people should be IM if they collect email addresses. I’ve a very limited knowledge of how all this IM thing works :slight_smile:
Yes, tried approaching my friends and relatives but they also don’t have any idea about Internet Marketing/marketers.

Are you saying that you want someone to email the people who have bought the themes, etc? If so, that is not a reputable marketing technique. It is called spam, and is - to say the least - frowned on. In many places, it might also be illegal.


My experience with WF is that there are some good people on there and there is some good advice but there is alot of selling to you involved. I would think about what you want and search around for genuine reviews or recommendations. It’s easy to be tempted by the WSO’s but do you really need what they are offering?


No, of-course!
Never purchase anything without checking all details carefully!
It’s a part of their E-Mail marketing services, and they have started this things after when Freelancer has taken over the Warrior Forum.

Before it, Warrior forum does not have any services like this type Email Marketing!
But, now anyone can use this type of E-Mail Marketing services using WF. They are selling some other services too like this.

Be aware of it & never purchase anything without checking that product / services carefully!

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