Are these Agreement terms unusual or typical?

I want to buy and download some software (about $40) to simply record a Skype call session, but a portion of the Terms that I have to agree to, upon installation, seem unsusual to me. Do think these terms are unusual or typical? Why are they asking for this?

"Peer to Peer Communications
The software may use your connection to a local area network, without additional notice, automatically to connect to other GeoVid Software and in doing so, may indicate on the local area network that it is available for communication with other Geovid software. These connections may transmit the IP address of your connection to the local area network, but no personally intentifiable information is ever transmitted or received through such network connections.

Activation: The Software may cause your Computer, without additional notice, and on an intermittent or regular basis, automatically to connect to the Internet in order to validate that the software is being operated in accordance with this agreement. In some cases Software that fails to activate may offer only limited functionality or may not operate at all.

If you are a business, company or organization you agree that, no more than once every 12 months, Geovid or its authorized representative shall, upon 10 days prio notice to you, have the right to inspect your records, systems and facilities to verify that your use of any and all Geovid software is in comformity with your valid licenses from Geovid."

Don’t know about the first two, but yeah, that last term sounds like bad news to me. Never heard of any company reserving the right to ‘inspect your records, systems and facilities’. :slight_smile: Sounds like they have a bit of a piracy chip on their shoulder, but treating your customers like criminals isn’t the way to deal with it. Like to see them try to ‘inspect my systems’. WTF? I assume they know this isn’t actually enforceable, and I doubt they could actually legally revoke your license just because you refused to comply with one of their ‘inspections’.

Regardless, I’d avoid any company like this - of course, I can’t remember the last time I read one of those license agreements. Good catch. But you have far too much time on your hands :slight_smile:

Definitely strange - don’t go for it. I guess there is plenty of software to achieve what you want.

I wouldn’t think twice about any of those terms.
If, by some bizarre sequence of events, they were to ask for access to your machine to determine your license validity - you could just refuse.

It’s odd language, but there seems to be no risk to accepting it so there is no reason to refuse it ‘on principle’.

Geovid have a reputation as spammers, e.g fake reviews, forum and blog link dropping. I’d avoid their products purely on ethical grounds.