Are there special uses of VPN?

Are there special uses of VPN?

Working remote seems like a good thing. I am new to it albeit it seems lots of developers are already doing it. I have been giving all the network, username, and password information and I am told that I can “HTML5 VPN Portal (any browser)” … whatever that means. Please tell me whatever that means !! How is this done? So far all I know about VPN is that it is a bit of software I can use to mask my location. Apparently it has more than one meeting.

I suspect there is a common use of VPN or maybe others on the team are calling “VPN” something else. I now there is a secure site login. Is this what this is?

Apart from using google or a search engine to look up an answer to this, I feel a sense of urgency to engage in social media and web forums for an answer. This seems like a bit of fuzzy logic needs to be used to get a grasp of this and to get an answer. I am guessing that maybe something else is being used instead of VPN and I suspect there is some human error involved in describing this to me.

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Well you can start by watching an entertaining video that explains what a VPN actually is. Here is a good one…

VPNs are essentially special connections to another network (like at the company you work for) which is encrypted. Then all your traffic on that connection is routed through their network which is why your traffic is coming from somewhere else. The company network could be setup in the UK while you are in New York and it would look like you are surfing from the UK.

There are many clients out there that are used to establish VPN connections like Citrix, OpenVPN and more. Usually your company will tell you what client to use (looks like yours is using a special HTML5 client). You can go there, enter your details and it will connect to the network. Once connected, you will see that you can start accessing company servers and resources that are private to that network. It is almost as if you are sitting at your PC at work, but it is your home PC.

Watch the video and that will help clarify the advantages of VPNs and how they work in a nice easy to digest way.

I hope this helps you out! :slight_smile:

VPNs are great for security.

Yes, the security. and also useful for accessing websites which are blocked.