Are there sources that show sample website growth for existing/established sites?

I launched my site a little over 2 weeks ago and have been obsessed with watching the metrics (and reading these forums for great suggestions!), so my question comes partly from premature impatience (mixed with the pragmatic desire for solid information). Are there any good sources or references online for how existing/established sites have grown over time (since launch), for different types of sites (blogs, e-commerce, etc)? And, is there any such thing as typical/expected website growth?

I know how much depends upon what is done for the site, how well it’s optimized, the # of links back, etc. But I would love to see the history or growth trends for other websites if anyone knows of sources for that info.


All of the above, page views, unique visitors. I haven’t found anything that shows website growth trends so any criteria would be a start.

For @Webspider20 - I think it’s natural to want to learn about the growth history of other sites, sure they’re all different, just like every writer and every book is different. But as a new writer, I’m always curious to find out what it was like for different writers starting out, whether it’s Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. What’s wrong with being curious about how other sites grew? :slight_smile: It’s fascinating and I want to learn as much as possible.

What do you define as “growth”… page views? unique visitors? or your success criteria?

I have not looked for anything like that in all my years of being online. I highly suggest that you just keep doing backlinks and building up your site. There is no need to waste time looking at what others have done because each site is different.