Are there any JS Captcha scripts that show content without loading another page?

I’m looking for a solution where I can show hidden parts of a page when a person submits a successful captcha. Of course, the parts of the page that are hidden shouldn’t be available for viewing via code. Is this possible to do? Are there any scripts available that enable me to do this without reloading the whole page or loading a new one?

Thanks a lot.

The only way to do what you want is to use Ajax and a back end processor such as PHP to process your requests. Apart from that there is no other way without having the elements existing in the page source during the page load.

That would be absolutely perfect. Do you know of any existing scripts that do this already? Or any tips onto how to integrate something like this?

Thanks for the reply.

The best bet would be to buy and read through Bulletproof Ajax by Jeremy Keith which [URL=“”][COLOR=#363][B]paul_wilkins[/B][/COLOR] recommends.