Are there any good writing courses worth spending money on?

Hi all. I’ve been doing a lot of content work for my site lately and want to improve my writing skills. Can anyone recommend good courses or books on this topic? Preferably those that you yourself read or went through, and which definitely helped you.

They have courses for almost everything and often at a discount.

The #1 classic would be The Elements of Style.

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Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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Are you recommending all of those out of personal experience, @WebSteve?

Please say something about each of them and why you are recommending it, rather than simply posting a list of links. If the OP just wanted links, she could have used a search engine. smile

I read all of them and they are in my browser bookmarks. They have been a help to me as an author.
I will go through them again and explain why I chose them.(Uh-oh, the Edit icon is missing from the post.)

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