Are there any good UK hosts for this?

Am looking for a host to satisfy all the below:

  • The hosts servers must be physically based in the UK
  • Over 99% uptime
  • Total of 30Gb diskspace
  • Total of 150Gb bandwidth
  • up to 6 MySQL databases
  • Hosting 40 websites
  • customised named servers/IP’s
  • 8G RAM
  • 8 CPU’s
  • Very quick email support and livechat, both 24/7/365 - both with people who will communicate intelligently in English and without the time-consuming need to login onto a website and submit tickets!
  • Able to use PHP includes on all the domains, from and to other internal and external websites. This is a critical point.
  • My emails mustn’t be blacklisted due to someone else’s previous activities - IP addresses etc. This is a critical point.
  • Monthly fees to be collected, automatically every month by credit card.
  • One of the websites is a forum (PHPBB3) with about 4,000 quite active users - what guarantees can be given that none of them will experience any problems on the hosting transfer.
  • The ability to setup my own crons on any frequency and timings.
  • Complete access to my .htaccess files
  • Must always have the latest version of PHP.
  • Automatic free daily backups of everything of mine that is hosted with the hosts, including MySQL databases.
  • Unlimited email boxes.
  • Short ping times
  • Can pay up to £120pm for this.

Do I take it that none of the replies from the last time you asked this question was any help?


One was quite helpful, but am still looking, hence the post today.

+1 for fasthosts dedicated server

+1 for fasthosts dedicated server

already mentioned in

Just my own opinion here @Dez but after nearly 3/4 a year might it be best to go with any host compared to none?

My own opinion you can use 123 org , we used our official website that perform well ,

The existing problems have been fairly serious enough to warrant a change, but it isn’t so critical for an urgent change, plus, have had family and business matters to attend to, that were more urgent.

Thank you all who gave constructive posts, it’s always much appreciated. Have narrowed it down to Vidahost, Innohosting, Webhostingbuzz and UKHost4u. Any good or bad comments on any of them please?

I have a shared account with Webhostingbuzz. For a few weeks after I first moved there my hosting had constant problems. The support team were very good at working on resolving all of the issues for me and when they continued to recur they suggested moving my account to a different server and everything has been running perfectly since. So I can say that unless you are unlucky enough to end up on a bad server you should have few if any problems and if you do have problems the support staff are persistent enough to keep working at it until it is fixed.

Thank you for that, it’s appreciated. Webhostingbuzz sound good.

I wouldn’t recommend UKHost4U. I had a couple of small sites on shared hosting with them, but have since moved them away. The hosting was OK, but I wasn’t happy with their admin. - in particular, their unwillingness to rectify their own mistake.


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