Are the W3School Certificates recognised?

I’ve noticed today that you can take online exams at W3Schools to receive certificates in ASP/ADO/SQL and HTML/CSS/XHTML:

Does anyone know if these are actually recognised as good certificates? Has anyone taken the exams and found them worthwhile? I took all the quizes earlier and found them reasonably easy and I thought, for $59 (about £40), it could be worth taking the exam to get a documented certification in the skills.

If there are any other certifications out there in the same technologies, maybe you could put some details or links in this thread. The reason I am asking is because we are thinking of proving our skills in our team at work - if we have some “recognised” certifications to our name, other departments/companies may take us more seriously.


Well for Microsoft technologies, this would be a safe bet:

Yet another one for Microsoft


DWMX Certification:

I’ve been tempted to pursue the DWMX one

Personally, I think certificates are pretty for resumes, but some developers don’t have them and they are fully qualified in the skill sets mentioned above. I don’t know if they really prove your skill set, they remind me of college final exams, let’s see how much material we can cram into you and watch as you forget it. Although in the end, probably not a “bad” idea to get a few if you have the time.

Hopefully someone else might have some others.

I think that the value of any certification depends on the reason that you are trying to achieve it. I don’t think that the W3Schools exams hold any weight in the industry as a whole.

However, my company does use the HTML/XHTML/CSS exam internally. When we have a new employee start, especially at an entry level position, we have them go through the W3Schools tutorials and take the exam within their first couple of weeks on the job. There are a few reasons we do this. One, I think the tutorials do a good job of introducing the technologies. Two, it is a reality check for us. The exam is pretty easy, especially if you go through the tutorial. If you can’t pass it with flying colors, you probably aren’t going to make it in our company. Third, it provides new employees an opportunity to earn a victory. Passing the test with ease gives a little confidence boost.

For certifications in general, I don’t know of any that would be considered “industry standard,” especially for HTML/XHMTL, CSS, PHP, etc. CIW is trying to become the standard. They provide certifications for a number of web technologies ( They aren’t there yet, but they seem to be leading the way.

For certifications for specific applications or properitary technologies, I would guess that if the company that developed the technology has certifications, they would be the best ones to have. The example would be Macromedia providing certifications for their technologies (Dreamweaver, Flash, etc) or Microsoft with .NET certifications.

Overall, I would say that at the current time, certifications do not have much weight in our industry. In the future, this may not hold true, but today a good portfolio is much better than a couple of certifications.