Are the new domain extensions a good thing or a bad thing

i hear there are new domain extensions from everything to .doll to .apple is this a good thing or a bad thing. is this just a money making scheme on the part of domain registrants faced with lower margins in domains. wont this lead to more scams with websites mimicking established companies using these domains. yah i know they said u can bid for your domain yada yada but is this not creating an unecessary expense for companies.

I think it is a good thing; but I have recently been looking for a domain name and was put off using a .photo tld as there is also a .photos tld What is the point of that?

It all depends on whether there is someone prepared to pay the millions that these TLDs cost to set them up. If someone paid 10 million for .photo and someone paid 11 million for .photos then both can exist (although I expect the prices paid were actually many times those amounts given that there is a non refundable deposit of several hundred thousand needed with the application to see if the TLD will be premitted).

The thing with these new TLD is that they are owned by whoever pays to set them up and so that owner can set the criteria on what they are used for.

i see no point in th new domain extensions but just making it easy for online scammers to mimmick sites especially if there are domain extensions like .photos and .photo thats not really useful

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