Are Sitepoint's Wordpress books relevant to latest WP version?

Hi all,

I own “The Wordpress Anthology” and “Build your own wicked Wordpress themes” books from Sitepoint and I am finally finding time to dive into them. I am just wondering how they translate to the latest Wordpress version? They are published 2011 and 2010…

I haven’t done a detailed comparison of the books and the most recent version of WordPress, but the basic WordPress structure is pretty much the same.

If you research what changes have been made to WordPress over the past few years you will find that most of the books’ content is still very much relevant. They just might be missing some added features. I believe a lot of the changes to WordPress have basically been to plug security holes.

I still find both these books very useful, especially if I supplement them with up-to-date articles on specific areas that I am working on.

The WordPress Codex at is a great companion for these books, because it will tell you if a particular WordPress template tag or function is deprecated, and what it has been replaced with.


Thank you for your information, since the basic WordPress structure hasn’t fundamentally changed, I will promptly dive into those books without hesitation and use online resources as a companion…

I found the info in “Build Your Own Wicked Wordpress Themes” very useful and used the provided code in conjunction with WP 3.9, which I believe is the latest, and it all worked. However some of the link references in the book are no longer available.

That is great to know, thank you :wink: