Are short column names useful?

If you revise a lot of databases, you feel different.
I have seen field names like id, uid, usrid, userid, user_id.

Obviously I follow the last one, user_id. It is long, multi worded name, and hard to type than any other names. But it is pretty clear than the others.

Short column names are confusing to me, what to type in what situation.

I do not believe that shortening the column names will be a worth. Probably, the storage engine does not have to do anything with the length of the names, rather, they are indexed numerically, internally.

What do you think on the column names?
Any links discussed on similar topic?
Am I wrong?

As far as I know it’s pure personal preference. Like you I tend to use long column names (within reason) although I use camel notation rather than underscores (so: userId)

I find long column help in your own debugging situations and are even more helpful when multiple people are working on a database.