Are self referring links on the page dangerous or helpful in regards to SEO

I’ve just discovered that one of my clients has added to the bottom of their pages a selection of their keywords/search terms and made them links back to their domain. Is this something that would be frowned upon by search engines? My gut feeling is they aren’t helpful but I don’t know for sure.

Does anyone know?

I guess it depends on if the links are more like extra navigation links (eg. tag cloud) or if they are more like keyword stuffing.
That is, do they point to actual content, or only the domain?

My gut feeling, like yours, is that search engines would simply ignore them as redundant - unless - the link text has nothing to do with the content.

Thanks for the reply Mittineague. The links are only to the domain and not like a tag cloud at all. The link text is related to the content. They are basically using their preferred search terms as the link text. To me it seems to be hovering on the line between keyword stuffing and being redundant but I’m not sure which side of the line it falls.