Are python's metaclass kinda like PHP's magic methods?

Well I recently came across this very interesting black magic called metaclass in python, which allows adding, removing and interception of method calls in a python class. As far as I know, PHP has this thing called magic method, such as __get(), __set() and __call(). I noticed Python’s metaclass has call(), which I suspect is the same as PHP’s __call(). So are python’s metaprogramming and PHP’s magic methods similar to each other? Or are they just totally different things?

Python’s _getattr_ and _setattr_ seem analogous to PHP’s __get and __set. Python’s _call_ seems analogous to PHP’s __invoke. And metaclasses seem like something else entirely. When you instantiate a class, metaclasses seem to be able to return an instance different than the one you thought you were instantiating.

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