Are professional networking sites like, etc social media sites?

I want to know is professional networking sites like, etc considered as social networking sites by professionals?

If you can connect with with others it’s social enough. Beyond that the label is really not something worth worrying about – the question is what opportunity the network and it’s features offer for interacting and if those amount to enough value to you.

i agree with Ted, it doesn’t matter whether it’s business or professional. If you’re doing it for business reasons, networking is networking no matter what site you join. IMO, forums, like this one, are just other types of social media.

Xing is a European social networking site for professional and chime is new to me. Remember, social media is a new kind of mass media. It depends completely on you how you use them.

@Shyflower: I have joined IMO few weeks before, and provide my hotmail. But, I haven’t get verification mail yet. Does IMO not support hotmail account?

yup they are social networking site and are also pretty famous…in my sense social networking is like place to meet new people their ideas, feelings etc…

Have you really, now? You must not know that IMO is an acronym for “in my opinion”?

I know that but I was talking about IMO (a website)

I’d really like to see the link to that one. is underdevelopment as a memorial to the domain owner’s grandfather, come up not available, and is the international meteor organization. Which of these is the social networking site you joined?

I believe he/she is talking about

Thank you. It looks like that is a messaging site. Hmmm, that makes me wonder. Internet messaging is something we have not yet discussed in Social Media, but it is indeed Social.

@shaadishoppe ; my apologies. I don’t know why they wouldn’t accept your hotmail since they allow you to log in with MSN as well as several other Social Media accounts. Looks like their documentation needs some work. If you can find a support link there, use it, otherwise you should be able to log in with a different account if you have one.

My pleasure Shyflower. Yes, this kind of website is not yet discussed in this Forum.