Are major updates from Google are imminent in 2013?

We all know that Google frequently updates its frequent algorithm indexing. January 2013 also witnessed minor updates from Google and it just turned out to be the major setback for all. However, the most drastic updates from Google were in 2012 with arrival of Google Panda and Penguin. Is something also going to happen in rest of the 2013??

[FONT=verdana]Unfortunately, Google does not announce algorithm changes in advance (and certainly not a year in advance), so it’s impossible for anyone outside of Google to answer your question. We can all speculate, but we can’t give you a clear answer to your question.

If anyone in the forum has some inside information, I hope they will share it. But as that’s extremely unlikely to happen, any responses you get can only be guesswork.


I have heard on good authority they are planning to invade China and beat the cr@p out of Baidu. To watch it live you have to subscribe to SKY sports which i dont have I’m hoping iPlayer will stream the action :wink:

Google has improved its search quality due to the mentioned changes, so I predict more of the same, or even stronger changes over this year.