Are frameworks necessary for maintaining large projects?

I’m a front-end web developer, and I am starting a project in a week. It’s a large project with a few thousand lines of code at it’s minimum. I have never used any framework before. I always coded from scratch. Do you think frameworks can prove helpful when it comes to maintaining large projects? If yes, please suggest some with their pros and cons.

I’ve never liked MVC frameworks, personally. Way more complexity than is needed, usually; I often think that frameworks are super-complex just for the sake of being super-complex. When something like Fusebox first came out, there may have been an advantage as far as efficiency is concerned; but with computers becoming faster and faster, I think that efficient advantage is dwindling.

Now, one could argue that it’s more organised. Yes, I have to admit that the organisation is definitely there. But if you’ve got nested includes and the like, the confusion grows.

I feel that it’s up to the programmer to decide whether or not to use a framework… he/she is the one who’s going to be elbow-deep in it.



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Thanks for that detailed reply :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. I’d stick around, though, and wait for others to chime in before making up your mind. I know that there are differing opinions amongst others in the SPF community. Might as well get some alternative views on this subject before committing to a process. :wink:



With a project of that size you will need some sort of framework to use to organise everything. The framework can be a simple one you build yourself if you don’t want to go with one already built.

@felgall Yeah! A custom framework sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:

You’re right :slight_smile:

Thanks for a detailed reply :slight_smile: I really appreciate it. But what are your thoughts on a custom framework. One developed by me. Will that be useful or should I go with the popular ones like Bootstrap or Foundation?

I personally wouldn’t go with a customized Framework that you develop on your own.

  1. Even if it’s a small custom Framework, it’s still going to take time to develop it.
  2. It customized meaning the documentation may be the bare minimum or none at all. Compared to a Framework that is widely used by everyone. I’m sure well-known Frameworks that are very flexible to do what you want it to do.

Just my .02 cents.

tbh, I missed the “front-end” part and assumed backend. haha :smiley:

Mostly still the same response. Speed development time, standards, etc. but much less important. I say roll your own if you want to. I think jQuery-UI is a great microframework that has some really cool features like Dialog and AutoComplete.

Great suggestions and tips :slight_smile: I’ll look into each and every one of them and see what suits my project the best.

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