Are backlinks good for SEO?

Are backlinks help to drive traffic and are good for SEO? Which types of backlinks I should create for the newly created website to drive traffic?

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Obviously, backlinks help to drive traffic and are also a good source of traffic. Create backlinks that your site related with good authority.

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Creating backlinks to drive traffic is OK, provided you do it carefully. Creating backlinks to manipulate search engine ranking is definitely not OK, and can result in your site being penalised.

I strongly recommend that you read Google’s guidelines before proceeding, to avoid any problems.

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yeah backlinks good for SEO. But Quality Backlinks.

To all posters

Attempting to use these forums to get a backink does not help SEO. It achieves just one purpose - IT WILL GET YOU BANNED, as several ex-members can testify.

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2 Quality Backlinks a day will keep your competitors away :slight_smile: