Are anyone else's sitepoint courses videos buffering?

Hello. I just bought a subscription for the sitepoint Premium because there is loads of useful content, but I have a problem with courses.

The videos seem to be ALWAYS buffering. I am currently watching “How to run a successful web design business” And even if video is 1 minute long, it starts buffering or stops playing at approx. 20 sec. mark.

I have a very fast internet connection otherwise so the problem is NOT my network.

Has anyone stumbled on the same problem and how do I fix it?

Welcome to the forums, @jerebicjernej.

I’ll alert someone at SitePoint HQ to the issue.

@mrlagmer: can you look into this?



Thanks for reporting this. We have not had an issue like this reported in the past but I will send it to our tech team to have a look into and make sure the CDN is working correctly. I will let you know the results of this investigation.



I’ve had a message from another member saying:

Idk if this is related but for the last few days I’ve been having buffering issues on some websites - the fix is enabling video autoplay via the address bar (I’m using Brave browser which blocks autoplay by default — seems to be a new thing but it might exist in all chromium browsers?).

Might be worth looking into. smile

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