Are adsense sites the only big money sites selling on flippa?

Id like to build a site to flip using affiliate marketing via clickbank or amazon but it seems adsense is the best selling.

I think its because its easier to verify the income via anylitics.

Am I wrong?

I mean I know these other sites sell too, but it seems adsense sites sell better.

For example…

I see adsense sites selling for as much as 30 months worth of revenue but… can I expect the same type of success with other affiliate sites (not adsense)?

There are many factors which affect how well you earn from a website or a blog and all of those factors are not constant! They change with time and you must continuously put effort in whatever you do. If someone is earning 50$ from his blog and he sells it to you, it is not necessary that you will also earn 50$. That all will depend upon how much skilled you are in different areas including but not limited to: Time Given, SEO, PPC advertising, content, Ads placement and the list goes on…
So never place any fix estimates on earning from a blog or any website that is Adsense enabled.
Adsense enabled sites are easier to sell because of the immediate psychological impact they leave on the visitors. Many people think that if a person could give us some proof of Adsense earnings, so lets buy it, just like what we do to a running business or shop (on sale) in the real world market. They don’t know that internet market is highly dynamic and different than the physical market where we buy physical products.

People usually prefer to buy Adsense sites over sites earning from other methods. There are many reasons, Easy verification, Guarantee of google’s trust towards the site and no complex terms and conditions which is usually accompanied with affiliate programs.

Adsense is generally the highest paying network. I’ll take other networks if they pay though. Adsense isn’t the only network around.

Adsense is way too better compared to other CPC programs for small publishers. For larger publishers there might be other programs which is based on CPM ( cost per 1000 impressions) and they normally have requirements to get registered into their program like minimum 50,000 impressions/month ans so on.