Archiving items on SitePoint Dashboard

I would like to maintain my SitePoint Dashboard to include only those items that I want to explore further. I found a topic from 2016 that hinted at some enhancements to the site " Delete a course from SitePoint Premium dashboard "

I received and email to my inquiry that stated simply do the opposite that caused the item to appear on my dashboard in the first place. I’m new to SitePoint, I would like to leverage all it has to offer.

Perhaps @mrlagmer can help with this. smile

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Thanks for that feedback. We don’t currently have a way for you to remove something from the dashboard. I will certainly pass this feedback onto our product team as I can see the benefit of being able to remove things.

What might help you to know is that it is ordered by last used. So if you don’t open a book again it will be further down the list than other content that you view more often.

Once again thanks for taking the time to provide us feedback.

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