Aqua Media Direct

I got an e-mail from them asking me to join their network but do they pay?
anyone tried them?

I have been using them since April of this year, I ran them until June then I stopped. They had some troubles with getting paid, so in turn my payments were delayed, However last month they paid what was partial owed and just last week I got the rest. I have not heard of them before April, but I went with them because of Dustin. He was my account rep for very large network before joining Aqua. I think I worked with Dustin for 3 years now. He has been nothing but outstanding. If you contact him directly he will take care of you.

I have no idea who you are, but I’m going to PM you my phone number now… please call me ASAP and I’ll take a look at the books and we can get this resolved.

This is totally untrue, I have never received an email from you, but if you feel you are owed something you have not yet received please email me and we will take care of it… - or if you want to PM me I will give you my phone number and you can call me.

I did. Debt is more than $500 since May. Mr. Dustin Peterson read my emails but does not answer them as well as does not pay.
Stay away!

Does anyone else have experience with this company?

“TOm is a good guy” - pacelattin
Hope he’s good enough to pay bills.

“This is totally untrue” - AquaMediaDustin
Unfortunately it’s true.

“we will take care of it” - AquaMediaDustin
Just do it =) You are aware of all of your debts for sure.

The owner TOm is a good guy, no idea of their finances. I have forwarded him this link

My five cents in addition to the closed post.
Smowtion and AquaMedia Direct owes very small sum each but very very long. Stay away from them. Unfriendly and non responsive people. Reasons for non paying: first - does not “accept” all available payment methods, second - “customer owes me, I’ll not pay you”.