Aprt from the Box Model what other css fundamentals are worth grasping?

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I’m going back to the drawaing board with CSS by making sure I understand (or try too) the critical fundamentals of the language. Apart from the Box model what other css principles are worth grasping before meddling with code?

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All of them. :lol:

I recommend you get a good book that takes yo through the language so that you get a decent grounding in all of it.

[font=verdana]The key principles that I would recommend getting your head round are:

[list][]inheritance, cascading and descendent selectors
]specificity and priority
[]different types of positioning (absolute, relative, fixed, float, static)
]shortcuts for multiple properties (like border, font, margin)
[*]differences between normal screen, mobile and print.[/list]

How’s that to be going on with?[/font]

Nice one thanks :slight_smile: