Appointment scheduler

I’m building an ecommerce site for a massage therapist. For the ecommerce side (couple little products) I’m leaning toward oscommerce, but the client also wants a way to manage her appointments online.
Does anyone know of open source PHP based online schedulers?

Seems like there are a few SaaS schedulers out there. Looking there these two seem pretty good: - has a free version and has a basic ecommerce site for a products catalog - also looks free, but doesnt have anything for ecommerce

Has anyone here used them? Any other recommendations for a scheduler, either PHP or preferably one which has an ecommerce plugin?


Started using for a couple days now and seems good, easy to use and seems pretty powerful. To have clients pay I needed to upgrade ($10/month), is there anything free like this?

I’m pretty sure that there are some either by themselves or as WordPress/Joomla/Drupal plug-ins. I do remember to see some similar features when I was looking for a restaurant booking system.

You should do a proper search and see what you come up with. I can’t counsel on anything but if you don’t find what you’re looking for maybe you should go for some other type of booking system that you may adapt to your needs