Application to draw Database diagrams

Hey everyone,

I am looking for suggestions on the best free application to draw diagrams for databases (E-R) and classes. I don’t need lots of frills or extras, just basic functionality.

Just wanted to recommend you Happy Fish Database Designer. It is not free(EUR 109,00), but it is one of the best tools available on the market.

a Mac or a Web version would be great…

DBDesigner is great for database diagrams - but not for Macs…

Yep also a fan of DBDesigner.
Or if it is included in your Office package, you can also use Visio.

last time i used dbdesigner, it was far too mysql-centric, and it kept crapping out on me

here’s a browser-based tool –

YYES!!! tinkin around with it now! :smiley:

Not sure about if it goes here
but GDocs has a diagram capability as well as Zoho

Very nice - thanks for the link!