Apple - I hate you

SO I plug my iPhone 3 into my Mac and up pops the regular message that the firmware needs updating blah blah blah, please update now.
It’s been telling me this for a week or so everytime its plugged into the Mac so I figure hey, ok lets upgrade the system.

What a stone cold stupid idea that was.

On screen message…

“Some of the purchased iTunes content has not been backed up”
(or words to the effect.) I think to myself, no problem, I haven’t purchased anything from iTunes - iTunes in my mind is an online music store etc…
I have a few apps that I have bought but thats about it so yes, lets run that update and enjoy the new UI, gaze admiringly at the new and improved icons…

Off goes the update - on screen prompt…

“iTunes will back up and restore your iPhone.”

me thinks “oh good, its backing up my iPhone and will restore the content when its done the update”.

no wait, it doesnt.
it deletes everything


ALL the apps I had
ALL the calendar entries
ALL the text messages I had either received or chosen not to delete
ALL the photographs of my kids
ALL the connection settings for the wireless systems
ALL the email settings for mailboxes.

EVERYTHING gone without so much as a “Are you sure?”

Well thanks Apple, thanks for losing everything - no, not losing; deleting :mad:

And what do I get for my update?

Shiny new icons and a really crappy new background wallpaper.

If Microsoft ran updates and cleaned out all your data there would be uproar and law suits aplenty but not for Apple, it’s somehow fine for Apple to screw you over, inconvenience you, totally p1ss you off and bend you over and thank you sir, may I have another?


So now I have to put it all back and can you do this easily - of course not. I came across this little gem of information whilst attempting to insert the iphone in the shredder :


So no, basically you can’t redownload your apps. Even though you have paid for them.
WTF Seriously?!

So ok, you can go to your PC(or Mac) and redownload them.
Fabulous, let me bend over and take another thanks Apple.

Was this the end of my pain and suffering at the hands of a hyped up POS?
No, no it wasnt.

I started to redownload a few of the free apps that I had starting with Facebook…

“Please confirm your Apple ID”… grumble -> confirms Apple ID
“Please confirm your Apple ID”… grumble -> confirms Apple ID - again
“Apple’s T & C’s have changed, please read and confirm”… grumble-> loads the T&C page… Page 1 of 56
56 pages?! again WTF?

clicks confirm
“Apple’s T & C’s have changed, please read and confirm”…
For the love of Mrs S…

eventually though I am through to downloading the app again and it starts off… and promptly stops - I need to update my Apple account.

updates account

Finally gets the app and of course there are no wireless settings so off it plods on the 3G slowpoke network.

So in conclusion I can safely say that I feel utterly shafted by Apple and from other reports on the web this will happen everytime an update is released.
Yes it is possible to backup your stuff on iTunes but that is not an option given in the update runthrough. A little bit of end user hand holding would not go amiss Apple.

Wow. OMFGWTFAAAAHAAAABBQ moment of the week, eh?

gives spikeZ a big hug

[Insert “You should have bought an Android Phone” comment here]

I’ve seen this one before.

It’s when you go to “girls” and pay hard money to get… STDs !!! Eeee-haaaaa ! And then got mugged !!! Eeee-haaaa ! And then get picked up for solicitation !!! Eeee-haaaa ! Eeee-haaaa ! Eeee-haaaa !

There’s the four letter word for you: you got jacked ! :rofl:

This is what happens when you don’t keep it in your pants :wink: You had to plug it in, didn’t you ! :lol:

You were curious about something new, were you! Now look where it got you !!! Next time when you’ll think it’s fun to plug it in I hope you’ll remember this one ! Don’t blame the maker, 'cos you’re the one controlling it !!! :rofl:

And yes, I know its got its own will !!! Others stick theirs in the pants and forget about it! That’s why you have to fight the urges when you seem them on the streets, in the shops, everywhere ! Not everybody wants one of those plugable ones, just because they’re flashy !!! They stick to what they got and appreciate that! They don’t get fooled by false advertising !!! :rofl:

What you need to do is e-mail apple customer service and tell them what happened, they will allow you to download everything once again.

They used to only let you download music and video once.

Now they are doing it with apps too?