Appending of file not working. Any help?


I’ve a file which is opened for writing and then i close it.
Again i open the same file for appending to its contents, but its not appending, its removing the older contents and freshly starting. Any help on whats the issue?

my ($d,$m,$y) = (localtime)[3,4,5];
my $mdy1 = sprintf '%d-%d-%d', $d, $m+1, $y+1900;
print "\nDate is:$mdy1\n";
if ($mdy1 eq "0-3-2015") {$mdy1 = "28-2-2015";}
print "\nDate is:$mdy1\n";
$LOGFILE = "7252_Widevine_OemCrypto_Consolelog_User1";
$CONSOLE_LOGFILE = $LOGFILE.'_'.$mdy1.'.txt';

open CONSOLE_LOGF, ">", $CONSOLE_LOGFILE or die "Cannot open Console logfile $CONSOLE_LOGFILE:$!";

# Doing some operations here.


($d,$m,$y) = (localtime)[3,4,5];
#my $mdy2 = sprintf '%d-%d-%d', $d-1, $m+1, $y+1900;
my $mdy2 = sprintf '%d-%d-%d', $d, $m+1, $y+1900;
print "\nDate is:$mdy2\n";
$LOGFILE1 = "7252_Widevine_OemCrypto_Consolelog_User1";
$CONSOLE_LOGFILE = $LOGFILE1.'_'.$mdy2.'.txt';

open(CONSOLE_LOGF, ">>", $CONSOLE_LOGFILE) || die "Cannot open Console logfile $CONSOLE_LOGFILE: $!";
# ........... Here is where the previous contents are erased and new file is created with new time(date is same here).....

# Doing some operations here.


Hello ramki067,

I’m not sure what the problem is you are having your Perl is somewhat… rustic. I’ve cleaned it up with some best practices included. When I test this script, the output is first written, then appended, as expected.

Please go over it and look up the modules I used on . Happy hacking!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use v5.16;
use common::sense;
use autodie;

sub getTimestamp {
	my @ts = localtime();
	my $date = sprintf('%d-%d-%d', $ts[3], $ts[4]+1, $ts[5]+1900);	
	$date = "28-2-2015" if $date eq "0-3-2015";
	return $date;

my $date = getTimestamp();

say "\nThe date is: $date";

my $log_file_prefix = '7252_Widevine_OemCrypto_Consolelog_User1';
my $console_log_file = qq(${log_file_prefix}_${date}.txt);

# Open for reading
open(my $file_handle, '>', $console_log_file);

# Write something to the file
print $file_handle "foo\n";

# system() is fine, but please see
# also, I don't see the return value being assigned anywhere. If you want to capture that, use the qx// operator.

# Doing some operations here. 


open(my $file_handle, '>>', $console_log_file);

# Append something to the file
print $file_handle "bar\n";

close $file_handle;

use Test::Simple tests => 1;

ok(qx{cat $console_log_file} eq "foo\nbar\n");
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