App and what


I like to find a English word which can be compared with the word "application"
Since I am not a native English speaker I don't have the sense of the sense of word-formation or word creation in English.

Okay here is what I want.

I have two types of page.

The one is the application page, I like to call it the app page.
And the other is not application page which has only text, message, string, or sentence just provide information in text.
it means no programming in the page while some programming is in the app page.

How can you call it in contrast with the app?

app and text,
app and message
app and sentence
app and word
app and contents
app and some other thing?



I would probably use app and text.


Thank you, TechnoBear.

app and text is, I also think, cool.

if the page includes audios, images and videos not only pure text, can I still call it "text"?


Ah - you didn't mention that possibility.

What about app and information, then?


Yes, I didn't. I am sorry.

The app page can give more information.
for example, let's take a example , exchange rate.
The non-app page can give the information by providing a table which list USD and KRW and the rate, or video about it.
The app-page can give more useful information, i.e. it can calculate that 100 USD is equivalent how much KRW.

For the reason, I don't like to choose your suggestion "app and information".
How about "app and contents" in your think?


That doesn't seem right to me. Both pages have contents. It's just a generic term for whatever is on the page.

I'll need to have a think and let you know if I come up with anything better. Or (hopefully) somebody else will come along with a good idea.


Thanks in advance


I've come up with "read".

How about "app and read" in your sense?


I think I need to know a little more about what is on each page to make a judgement, although my first thought is that "read" is an odd choice if the page includes audios, images and videos.

Your app page has your app on it (obviously) and "more information". What is the information shown on the app page?

Your second page also contains information. How does this differ from the information on your app page? If it's more in-depth, then perhaps "details" would be a suitable term.

It's difficult to suggest what to call the page when I'm unclear about it's function.


The 1st page has no programming in it.
It is static pages. giving one-way information. it can be texts, images, audios, or videos.

The 2nd page has programming in the page each. it is usually two way information. for example, a user enter his/her weight and height, it will provide his/her BMI.
Main difference between the 1st page and the 2nd page is whether it has programming or not in the page.
If the site has 10 2nd pages, the site has 10 independent programming.


But the static page always gives additional information about the interactive page. Is that right?


No, static page give information but independent from the app page. It can include text and image or text and audio or text and video.

The app page can also give text and image or text and audio like the static page but it always has independent programmings inside the page while the static page is just provide information or enjoying material based on basic/default programming which are posted by users and retrieved from database of the site.


I too like the generic "App - Info".

Perhaps one more variant. :slight_smile:

"App - About"


Thanks for the clarification. I think I understand now.

How about app and article? An article can be about anything, and can include images and video.


Thank you for your good suggestion. I will sleep with the word "article" tonight.
(It is 11:03 pm here in Korea)


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