Apache Stalls

The past few days i’ve noticed that my apache (windows) has been stalling. Websites load very slowly or fail to load at all.

I noticed that during these times, 1 or more cmd.exe instances are running as child processes of the httpd.exe worker thread.

The command that these cmd.exe’s are running is:

/c uptime 2>&1

After a few minutes the cmd processes close themselves, but during the time that they are running the website doesnt load.

What does that mean? Why is it suddenly doing this? I’ve ran virus scans, trojan scans and malware scans on the server computer and nothing was detected.


First, Welcome to SitePoint’s Apache forum.

As to your problem, Apache is SUPPOSED to open several child processes to handle the requests you send to it. Those are controlled in httpd.conf.

Which flavor of WinDoze? It probably doesn’t matter as WinDoze is a memory hog and you probably have to use swap pages to be able to do much at all (RAM is critical).



I understand the child processes (windows apache only opens 1 child httpd.exe), but i dont understand why suddenly all of a sudden its opening cmd windows and those cmd windows are stalling apache.

The OS is Windows 2003 Server Standard and there is 2GB of ram. Apache never uses more than 400MB.