Apache ssl or iis

I have Windows 7 64 bit and have installed apache 2.2.17-win32-nssl.msi, mysql 5.5.17-winx64.msi (windows service) and phpmyadmin and have just download php 5.3.5-win32-vc6.msi (which I will be installing).

my question is some people say that you cannot have apache and IIS on listening on the same port. here is the thing. I want to learn to program the above languages only for personal use and not at present for commercial. I have installed apache as a windows service but I configured that I would manually start it. I would like to know is there a way to temporarily configure IIS to stop listening on the port while I an using apache and once this is done can I not restart IIS for the other programs that need it. If so how?

Which is better Apache or IIS?.

Thanks for your response

Apache and IIS are pretty immaterial – you can do most of the things you can’t do with one with the other. And the cool kids are using nginx or node.js anyhow. Moreover, each are effective reverse proxies so there really isn’t a good reason one could not run both on odd ports and front it with something else.

The issue you are running into, internet-wise is that the default configuration for IIS takes over port 80 on the machine – you can’t have any 2 apps listening on a given port on a given IP address and IIS takes port 80 across the board. There are ways to unbind IIS to but those steps are intensive and perhaps unnecessary for development purposes. It is pretty easy to send Apache over to port 8080 (or whatever your lucky number is) and deal with it.