Apache - setting up local test domains


My objective is to be able to configure my test domains for remote access.

This is only for internal purposes only and no one else will access these domains other them myself for writing and testing web applications.
Current set-up: Ubuntu server: PHP, MySQL, Apache installed and tested ok.
side note, i do not own the domains listed above, this is only for internal purposes only(testing).

I also have the following test domains testing.dev, testing.prd, and testing.loc and these domains are also tested and working but only
working internally (

I also have a dlink router which allows me to access the default domain remotely: exampleName.dlinkddns.com(works).

I like to be able to configure/setup my other domains so
that i can access them remotely ie exampleName.dlinkddns.com/testing.dev or exampleName.dlinkddns.com/testing.loc and still be
able to access the domains internally ie testing.dev (internal configurations works only need help configuring for remote access).

i can remotely access phpmyadmin(default setup): exampleName.dlinkddns.com/phpmyadmin..this works.

how can i configure my internal domains so that i can access them remotely, similar to exampleName.dlinkddns.com/phpmyadmin?

I can’t answer for Linux but it should be no different than WinDoze.

Add your domains to the httpd-vhosts.conf file in the config/extras directory using the format of the ones in there already. HINT: Do not repeat the full domain name, i.e., example.com but use example (or shorten it to ex) for your own use. If you use the full domain name, your setup in the next step will determine whether you will access your local version OR the public version (but NOT both). Then edit your hosts file (not sure where that in in the 'nix world) and add one line each for your domains, i.e., example or ex.

I’m sure that you’ll get great use from your “test” domains - I know that I do!



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