Apache Problem - No Services Installed

I have purchased Kevin Yank’s book "Build your own database driven web site using php & mysql. The book is very well written and very informative. I am however encountering a problem with apache. Or the installation of apache. I have followed the instructions in Kevin’s book faithfully. But when the installation of apache is complete. I have the feather displayed in the task bar with a red arrow shown in the circle below. Hovering the cursor over the feather displays the message, “No services installed.”

Is there anyone out there who may have a clue as to what is going on here. And as to how I may resolve this? There doesn’t seem to be too much out there on the web that is of much value. Surely, someone in this community has encountered this problem before. And knows what it will take to repair it.

I look forward to the repair of this so that I can get back to the book and work out the exersizes so that I can begin my journey of learning how to build a database driven web site. This is something that I’ve been wanting to learn for quite some time now. And have finally decided to do something about it.

Thank you in advance for any help that anyone wants to give me on this subject.

I am running a Windows PC with XP installed on it. Have everything updated from Microsoft Update. I access the internet through a router with DSL service provided by Embarq. I have attempted to install apache 2.2.13-win32-x86-no ssl.msi which is the latest and greatest version that is available on their website for download. Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. yada yada yada . . .

Hi swlabr, welcome to the forums,

AFAIK, “services” is in regards to tying in with the OS. That is, if you wanted Windows to use PHP and the database. You don’t need this. All that is needed is to be able to start the Apache server (which does need to access PHP and the database, but not as a service) and point a browser to “localhost”.

Hmm for one reason or another the Apache installer is unable to install itself as a service on your computer. Is it possible your user account is not an administrator account?

This is just a test post. As it seems that the other post that I made to the above replies did not go through. If this goes through, none of the suggestions worked Mittineague. And could you elaborate further Kevin?


Every Windows user account has an access level. In order to install Apache as a system service so that it runs automatically in the background, your account must have administrator-level access privileges.

If you go into your Windows XP Control Panel and open the User Accounts section, it should tell you if your account is an administrator or not.


Thank you for your reply to my problem. I really am looking forward to doing the exercises in your book. Quite anxious to learn how to turn a static web page into something so much more!
I’ve done what you said. And am going to attach a screen capture of the displayed box. When I set up windows on this machine, I did not create any other accounts. So, guess that the program gave administrator authority to the only user on the computer.
I am looking forward to your next reply. Hopefully, we can figure thiis out.
Well, guess your spam paranoia has gotten the best of my attempt to show you the screen capture. So, lets try this. Here is the link without using your insert image thing. Let’s see if this works. Just fill in the missing hyper text transfer protocal colon the two forward slashes doug berg ventures dot com forward slash accounts GIF. Enter this in your browser and you will see the screen capture of my accounts. Thanks for your help. And at the rate I’m going I will soon have my 5 posts. Ah, and they said that the holy grail doesn’t exist!


Firstly, allow me to appologize for the comment above where I said: "Well, guess your spam paranoia . . . "
I did not mean you personally. The administrator of this forum chose this option of 5 posts before allowing any of the “bells and whistles” to be enabled to keep out the riff raff. And honestly speaking, if I were in his shoes, I’d probably have done the same thing!
I have made a web page showing the various steps I’ve taken along the way to install apache software on my machine. Again, I have to ask you to follow the bouncing ball here as I give you the URL.

hyper text transfer protocal colon slash slash world wide web dot dougbergventures dot com slash install dot hyper text markup language

Thank you for your assistance. And let me know if this is of any help to you.

Going by the screen captures, for “Setup Type” you chose “Typical”.
Perhaps services is under “Custom”?

Choose which program features you want installed and where they will be installed. Recommended for advanced users.

Or maybe this will help http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2009/04/07/how-to-install-apache-on-windows/

Greetings Mittineague;

Thought that I would post another web page whereby I show the steps I’ve taken to arrive at the same place again. I show the “advanced” options in this page. Perhaps someone who knows the structure of a windows machine will be able to pick out something of value here.
The URL is:

hyper text transfer protocol colon slash slash dougbergventures dot com slash custom dot hyper text markup language

Again, if you happen so spot something, I’m all ears!

Now I’m off to check out your link to the blogs above. Who knows, I just may get lucky!

After searching around the place I have a theory; do you know if you have any other web server running on your machine? IIS maybe? If you do Apache will not be able to complete it’s default installation because IIS will be using the port (port 80) Apache wants to use.

If you go into Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs / Add/Remove Windows Components, is Internet Information Services (IIS) ticked?

Greetings atetlaw;

And thank you for assisting me with this problem. Firstly, I do think that you may be on to something with this. Although I chose to use port 8080 in every attempt that I’ve made with this to avoid any conflict with the nightmare that Bill Gates dreamed up called “Windows”. (Actually he got it from Xerox after the patent expired on “their” idea). But that is beside the point!
Again, I am amazed at the myrid of installations of a single operating system. Alas, I could not find any reference to “Add/Remove Windows Components” in my version of a control panel. So, once again I am forced to rely on my meger html skills and post a group of screen captures showing just what I do have installed on this machine.
Now, I am up to my magic number of posts (5), so lets see if I will be allowed to put the URL for my group of screen captures here without having to spell it out.http://www.dougbergventures.com/control.html
Well, I am looking at the link here on the Quick Reply window. Great! Hopefully this will go through. If you, or anyone else would care to check it out, I am not too proud to beg for a reply showing me how I can use what I have got installed on this XP blessed machine. It would be nice to see if IIS is in fact preventing me from installing apache on my machine.

Warm greetings to all. And thanks for your help.

Wooo. . . Hooo . . .! It worked!!!

After a bit of fooling around I’ve done a search for IIS on the web. I found that I can access it’s control panel by:

To start IIS Manager from the Run dialog box
1.On the Start menu, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Run.

2.In the Open box, type inetmgr and then click OK.

So, I have done this. And not being an IT specialist, I’ve expanded all the boxes in the manager. And once again made a screen capture of it. This screen capture can be accessed here:


If anyone knows which path I must take to correct my problem. I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it.

I’ve tried to post again. But I don’t see it here. (Actually them. There should be two acording to the error message that I received from this message board.)
To all who are following this thread, please check out http://www.dougbergventures.com/IIS.html for a screen capture of my Internet Information Services (IIS) control panel.
If someone knows how I can access this so that I can obtain a successful install of apache on my machine. (If IIS is blocking it).

Thanks all.

3rd one down on the left hand side

Welcome all!

And here is the latest and I hope final update of the continuing story of Bungling Bill!
I have taken my windows install disk. The one that I used to install Windows XP on this machine. After running the disk and a quick search of the options. I found the option to remove IIS. I have done that. I then typed “inetmgr” in the RUN dialog box and it returned this:

“Windows cannot find ‘inetmgr’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.”

At that point I was reasonably sure that IIS was no longer operating on this machine. I then uninstalled the apache server that was not working. And rebooted my machine. After the restart, I then installed apache. And gosh! I even chose to install in on port 80 instead of 8080. (Cocky little cus ain’t I?) I finished the install.
Well, lo and behold, when I looked down on the task bar, the little arrow on the apache server was green! And when I hovered my cursor over it it stated, Much to my intense and unrestrained glee “Running All Apache Services.” Wooo . . . Hooo . . . ! ! !
I’d like to thank everyone who tried to help me. I don’t think I could have done this without your help. For you surly have pointed me in the right direction concerning this problem.
Best to all. And now I can get back to Kevin’s book. And look forward to further education in Dynamic Web Design. If you are listening Mr. Yank, perhaps you can write another book where you take this theme and develop it a bit more. Maybe pulling in elements from other different but related disciplines. E-commerce, design, etc. . . Something that would naturally follow and build on what your book about Database Driven Web Site has begun!