Apache Ant Demystified - Parts 1 and 2

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I am new to the ant tool. It has been to helpful to me by going through this tutorial. It’s really good.

I am a new user to Ant and the article gave me a good insight on the tool.Kudos!

It’s nice to learn from this great site


very easily understood, ant rocks


This is an excellent article that introduces ant in an easily understandable way!

Awesome step-by-step guide with excellent explanation.

Good work buddy,worth reading for begineers

This is indeed an excellant guide!!
But I need a little advice. The target “clean” is not working for me. I checked, I do have privileges to delete the file. But donno why the targets clean & rebuild are not getting executed only the default target is getting excuted.

This is for Rekha, Please note that it says use command “ant rebuild” this will execute just that task in the build.xml. I think you might have been using “ant” commond only

According to the Ant manual, the proper way to hide a task is to avoid giving it a description attribute. Placing a minus symbol before the task name doesn’t seem to have any effect on a task’s visibility.

I found it very useful and quickest to give initial understanding of ANT later you can explore directly from http://ant.apache.org/manual/index.html

Its reaaly excellent description . I easily
understood without slight confusion .
Wonderfull . Thanks & Kind Regards

Yeah this tutorial is realy good.It explains everything starting with setting class path to build.
Ravi Shiragupi
Namma Bangaluru

it is really a good place for the ant beginner specially of the windows platform.

our professeor used this as a reference,and there are several questions at final exam come from here

Very Basic and Very good for beginners

I had some problems. I’m a beginner as you might have guessed, when I typed in “set ant_home” and “set java_home” the directories were displayed correctly but when I typed in “ant -version” it said that it couldn’t find ant :S Any reason why that is and could you send me a solution please?! My e-mail is ross_is_the_best@hotmail.com. Much thanks!