Apache and Tomcat redirect


I’m new to apache. And I don’t know where to begin with the document. May be someone can help me to point to the right module or place in the document.

I have two servers behind NAT.

  • Server 1 – I have two servlets running under one tomcat instance using port 80
  • Server 2 – I have two servlets running under two different tomcat instances using port 141 and 142

Currently, all servlets has domain names pointing to it from a domain hosting companies. However, only one server is on port 80, and the other two instances on server 2 is on different port. I’m having problem forwarding from domain hosting because they don’t support forwarding to other port other than 80. They said I should try using apache, and let apache take port 80 and forward the traffic to specific servers and servlets internally. That way I can also mask the IP on the browser. But looking at the document, I don’t know where to start. MOD_REWRITE? IP based virtual host. Name based virtual host? Can someone point me to the right direction.

All the servers are behind NAT.

Please give me some lead.