AOL browser php issue

I built my friend a site.
He uses an AOL browser. Everytime he went from the About.html to the Contact.php page he was seeing the backend code you might see if it was a normal html page.
This only happened when going from About.html to Contact.php.
There was a unused Contact.html page on the server which I removed. I also removed the existing About.html and replaced it with a new one.
Now when he tries the Contact link from About it says “URL Not Found”.
What is happening? Why is it only happening on the About page?
Can anyone help?

the only thing I see is that on contact, your doctype is 1 line down.
My understanding is that should not have preceding white space.

this looks more like a server setup issue as PHP code should never leave the server. it could be a problem with headers but essentially the server config should in no case treat a php file as text/html and always invoke the php executable.

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Sounds like he has the About page cached, either locally or at AOL (assuming he is connected through AOL).

Ask him if the link on the About page is actually to Contact.html, as that sounds like could be the issue with him seeing the php source code as well, and with you deleting that page, it make sense he is not able to view it, assuming that is where his link points.

If its cached, he can try to clear his local cache. If that does not work, only solution is to wait a few hours until the TTL on the cached page expire on AOL side.

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Thanks guys and gals.
Removed the white space, asked Tommy to press F5, moved the whole site to a different server, I even changed the file name from “about” to “content”.
Problem still persists.

Hehe, there is actually a very good reason why the problem persists.

On this one we all failed on testing the product.

You need to change the link to the contact page at the bottom of the text in the content.html page. This link still points to the contact.html page.

This is a good example on that it is always a good idea to have the user guide you through what he does when using the website, when solving these cases. We all assumed he clicked on the link to the contact page in the menu, while he did not.


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