AOL and Yahoo Merger?

Was just reading some stuff on digg and ran into this bloomberg article - AOL Said to Discuss Deal With Yahoo Advisers - Bloomberg

Sounds like Yahoo and AOL are in discussions regarding a merge. This is pretty intriguing stuff. Can 2 companies who have fallen off the wagon a bit marry to become relevant again? What do you guys think?

Even if Yahoo and AOL merge, it will not change much for both of the two companies. The problem with them is that they are not innovating like Google, FB and others. Two wrongs won’t make a right IMO.

like sana said before me i don’t see how this could improve the user ratings both companies are getting. I mean they should take example from Google and the interactivity this company does with its users.

A merger may be enough to keep these two going for a while longer.

What worries me about Yahoo is that they’ve completely lost their engineering edge. Say what you want about their lost battle against Google, but Yahoo were behind a number of great products and their influence can still be felt. Even now, when you look at the products they release they are still a company with incredible knowledge and ability, but it just doesn’t seem to be getting used.

A merger with AOL could be worrying, as they they played expertly by Arianna Huffington. For any merger to work AOL would need to give over their properties to the Yahoo brand and for Yahoo’s engineering team to get free reign to do what they do best; build great tools and create revenue through innovation.

Yahoo has engineers left?

yahoo need to open ther ad bussins to the world that i dont get why they dont do that almost every wher y will see google ads google ads in vid and so on How many people dont like to have google ads and yahoo ads on ther webpage toghter ??? i think alot

I wouldn’t immediately dismiss the ability of a merger actually helping the companies stick around a bit more. They’re both heading a bit down, especially AOL and could definitely see some percs from a merger… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I think their demographic is older people who don’t know how amazing google is; therefore, will not want to get used to a “new” system; and give up; thus, losing the only users they have…

I think this horse had been beaten enough…