Anyway to check printer action and operation?

Any way to show “printed success” message in website after printing completed in printing machine? I need to implement this function in my client website using either .Net, jquery, java script.

CONDITION: The data displayed in grid with “print” option when user click the “print” the default browser print dialog box appear. The message should be displayed only when printing completed in printing machine.

My doubt: Is any way to check printer action and operation using either .net,jquery,java script like we checking mouse and keyboard events ?

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Hi there,

I know nothing of .net, but using JavaScript the closest you are going to get is using the onafterprint event handler.
This will fire immediately after the page to be printed out has been loaded into printer queue/cache, so you will have no indication if the page has been printed properly, or if the user aborted the print job.
To make matters worse, it is only supported in IE and FireFox.

Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

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