Anyway of getting Coda working with Python/Django?

Hello. I use Coda all the time on my Mac. I’ll be starting a new job soon where I will need to learn Python and Django, on a new Mac (that they’ll be buying for me :slight_smile: … I wanted to carry on using Coda, as it was great with PHP, Javascript etc… I love the way it wraps up it’s projects neatly and generally love the simple no-nonsense interface.

But I do need to start using Python/Django and I thought ‘well, Coda will support it’, but found out now that it doesn’t support the syntax or anything else… Or am I missing something?

…what other alternatives are there for someone who wants to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Python and Django? … is TextMate my only option really? …and I don’t like Dreamweaver.

Thanks guys and girls…

Coda does support the Python syntax. Perhaps this will help you in your Django quest?

This looks promising. I will check it out very soon… It does look like the only option for Coda right?

… This, or use TextMate. I like TextMate, but I do like approach of Coda more.

If there are any other options or IDE recommendations, please tell me. Cheers!

I do not know about Coda or such. However, I can recommend Komodo (Editor - free; IDE - paid) which not only supports Python but is written it in. It is even nicer with the “charcoal rainbow” color scheme.

Thank you. Checking this out now. Cheers!

I’ve been trying Komodo, it’s really quite nice! … So, what exactly is the difference between the two versions then? Can I do everything I need perfectly fine with the free one? What does the full IDE have that this doesn’t?

Just read your link properly! (sorry about that…) …so it seems this could be just the ticket for me. Excellent. Cheers for the recommendation!

Yeah you can do pretty much almost everything with the free one, has all the same syntax and auto-complete. But that is it, if you want debugging or more advance features then its the IDE. For a full list can scope out this page:

I’ve been trying Komodo Edit and its a great text editor alternative, but I still love my Coda. This looks like the best bet.

But anyone here, I’m really used to MAMP and developing in PHP/MySQL, and I just can’t work out how to get Python/Django/PHP/MySQL all flowing nicely. I would prefer to use something like MAMP to get everything simple and ship shape, but am finding it difficult to know how to get Python/Django and the MySQL and Apache module all working correctly with the MAMP installation… It seems Python/Django are just installed in a much more complex way than PHP ever was for developing. Running Coda and setting up a project, using the Terminal, all neatly, no messing around - so I can develop in PHP/Python etc…

…is this possible to have it all running sweetly like that? (please excuse my ignorance, I’m not exactly a pro programmer… yet)

I’ve ended up sticking with Coda and now purchased TextMate. Great combo…

So with Python/Django… are you lot just using the Django’s built in webserver? I’m trying to get it to work with the same MySQL install as what my MAMP’s Apache uses, and all that jazz… But just totally lost.

At the moment, on my Mac, I have http://localhost/ for my normal Apache, PHP, MySQL then I have http://localhost:8000/ for Python/Django dev server. But can’t get the Python to work with the Apache I have, or the MySQL. ?

i love it and it`s usefull 4me!