Anyone using Tripadvisor Affiliate Program?

Anyone using them? What are your thoughts? Any good? Can I see a sample of what it looks like ? Thanks!

I helped with their initial affiliate program launch but don’t have much current info.

I can’t be sure but I heard that they only had banners and not really a lot of customization available. If you’re looking for more customization, it might not be the way to go.

Thanks, you answered my question. Just banners and stuff? Man, forget that! They are taking over the hotel world though…

Actually they had lots of interactive search boxes and some pretty good content. There’s an interactive search box at the bottom of this page:

They were even talking about a datafeed I think. Not sure if they ever got one. I will ask the new manager to come over and say hi and maybe give you some more info.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

It does help, ill check it all out. THanks.

Hey skunker & Mr. B,

The TripAdvisor program DOES have much more than just banners. Along with the hotel search tool that Linda mentioned…affiliates have the ability to link to any of the thousands of pages at TripAdvisor. We have a text link generator that allows you to cut/paste in any TA url and instantly convert it to a working affiliate link. Our text link generator will also allow you to generate a CSV/Excel file of multiple links (e.g. all cities in a specific state, all hotels in a specific city, etc.).

We don’t have a live datafeed at this time, but if you need detailed links for specific countries, states, cities, etc. I can create a custom CSV/Excel file that will have all of your affiliate links pre-coded for you.

Please let me know if you have additional questions. If you want to take it offline, you can ping me at garrett at tripadvisor dot com.


Hello Garrett… please can you PM me? I would like to discuss one or two things outside this thread if you don’t mind.