Anyone using IBP? have you got any better results in SERP's?

Anyone using IBP? have you got any better results in SERP’s?

Has anyone bought this software and had a increase in rankings etc. Have you been at like page 5, after afew weeks climbed up to page 1 just from using IBP and nothing else?


It gives you some helpful tips, nothing unbelievable. On the page factors will only help you so much. I have been link building with it. That’s a good feature. But, I still like SEO spyglass better.

On my new sites it has helped me gain rank, but no number one ranks by far. That comes down to link building and authority building.

IBP is useful for identifying on-page stuff that you can improve. However, the most important thing affecting your SERP is external links and their anchor text. Submit your site to some quality directories (yes, spend some money), correctly categorizing it, and look for some niche directories and related sites to provide good contextual links.

Yes i m also use IBP but as i expect its bot good as other

IBP is good for On page stuff but i think SEO spy is better!!

Many claim IBP is better, but manual link building gives better result.