Anyone using cpx?

anyone using cpx?

how is their rate now?


i been loooking for a third tier network for months and today I just decided to use 2 old ones and
hopefully one of them would work for me. i’ll let you know in a week or so how it goes

ok sounds good hope it works for you ken :wink:

after trying both networks for over 2 weeks here is the results
banner size 728*90
cpx: 0.18 cpm
adagency1: 0.28 cpm

banner size 300*250
cpx: 0.19 cpm
adagency1: 0.18 cpm

banner size 160*600
cpx: 0.18 cpm
adagency1: 0.17 cpm

for me that’s a good rate for a third tier network so i’m keeping both of them

Good to hear they are both still doing well - thanks for the stats kenmore

that is almost par with the major networks…

that is really good rate…may you share the site you are running ?