Anyone using argosoft mail server?

Just trying my luck here. I’ve been using argosoft for quite some time and everytime it just work out of the box. Recently I can’t get it to send out email from my php app. May I know if anyone is using this mail server and what are your settings?

My PHP.ini SMTP is localhost while my mail server DNS IP I got it from cmd ipconfg. I keep getting the error IP not authorize when I send out mail to gmail or yahoo. :goof:

I’ve google it and found this but now I have no idea how to solve this ip thingy.

Sounds like you could have the same problem as I’ve been experiencing. I sent around 7,500 emails to our database from my localhost using MAMP and can no longer send anymore…I’m presuming my ISP has blocked me! Very frustrating.

you are using argosoft as well?

Hi, no but I’m going to take a look into it as it sounds interesting. Was wondering if you have been blocked by your ISP too?

It can’t be ISP blocking the mails. For my case its probably due to I need to supply the credentials inorder to send out the mail. The problem is I have no idea where to set it.